The Pros and Cons of Lozenges and Wafers Containing Medical Cannabis

The Pros and Cons of Lozenges and Wafers Containing Medical Cannabis

Each year brings the release of a lot of ground-breaking new medicinal cannabis products, as the field of medical cannabis continues to gain legitimacy as an alternative treatment option. Manufacturers are aware that consumers of medical cannabis sativa plants products are looking for reliable, hassle-free, and secure distribution channels for their prescriptions.

Lozenges made from medical marijuana and wafers are two of the newest items on the market. Wafers and lozenges have a quick onset of action, and they are dependable and convenient. Patients who don’t want medical cannabis treatment but want relief more quickly than what a pill or CBD oil from the cannabis plant can provide may find that these products are a good option.

More than two-thirds of medical cannabis users in Australia select products that do not entail inhalation or smoking, like oils, tablets, sprays, and sublinguals according to the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA). Does this sound like something that would pique your interest? Continue reading if you want to learn more.

What Are Medicinal Cannabis Products Lozenges and Wafers Used for?

Smoking or at the very least inhaling medical cannabis was the traditional method of consumption for the vast majority of patients. However, patients now have access to a wide variety of products from which to select.

Working with a licenced physician to get a medical cannabis product that caters to one’s medical conditions, set of life circumstances, and individual tastes is now simpler than it has ever been.

Lozenges and wafers containing medical marijuana are among the most recent products to be introduced to the market. They employ methods that are similar to those used in other drugs in order to administer cannabinoids CBD in a rapid and covert manner.

A medical cannabis lozenge is a little pill that is similar in size and consistency to the lozenges that are often taken to treat a sore throat. You are going to put the tablet under your tongue, and then wait for it to dissolve.

Wafers made with medical marijuana function in the same way. They are slender and extremely little strips (think of a menthol strip for freshening your breath). When put beneath the tongue, the wafer disintegrates in a very short amount of time.

How can I take Medicinal Cannabis lozenges and wafers effectively?

The effects of ingesting medical cannabis in the form of lozenges and wafers are distinct from those of other consumption methods. Cannabinoids, generally THC or CBD, are present in each lozenge or wafer that make up the product.

It will dissolve as soon as you lay it under your tongue, and then it will be absorbed into your circulation immediately. This may take anywhere from one to ten minutes to complete, depending on the product.

Lozenges and wafers are particularly effective because of the mucous membranes that are located under our tongue. These membranes are very porous, which means that chemicals are able to easily move through them. Cannabinoids won’t be absorbed as quickly if you put a marijuana wafer or lozenge on top of your tongue, thus the impact won’t be the same.

It is important to keep lozenges and wafers under your tongue for the recommended period of time in order to gain the greatest benefit from them.

Because more cannabinoids will move into your digestive system rather than immediately through the membranes beneath your tongue when you swallow, the impact may be reduced when you swallow. Have some patience while you wait for your medication to completely dissolve.

What Kind of Effects Do Lozenges and Wafers Have on the Body?

In the first place, marijuana lozenges and wafers have a distinct edge over other forms of the drug. When taken in capsule form or when THC oil is swallowed, the medical cannabis must first travel through the digestive system before entering the circulation; as a result, the onset time is greatly prolonged by both methods of administration.

Cannabinoids have the ability to interact with a wide variety of chemicals and enzymes as they are digested, which can cause the effects of cannabinoid-containing capsules and oils to be unpredictable for certain individuals taking medical cannabis.

Lozenges and wafers have an onset time that is comparable to that of vaporising medicinal cannabis since you will feel the effects of the dose almost immediately after consuming them.

Rapidly acting medical cannabis treatments can be of critical importance for individuals who suffer from persistent nausea or discomfort. In addition to this, the immediate absorption of the cannabinoids ensures that the effects are always present.

In comparison to smoking and vaporising, lozenges and wafers provide a number of benefits. Smoking medical cannabis comes with a number of potential health problems; hence, medical professionals in Australia do not advise their patients to engage in this practise.

Even if vaping is safer, some patients still find it to be an inconvenience, as it is not always practical or pleasant. To put it simply, smoking and vaping are not appropriate options for all patients. This is especially true for individuals who have respiratory problems or who need discrete and immediate relief throughout the day.

On the other hand, lozenges and wafers provide the ease of edibles while also providing the rapid onset of effect that is associated with smoking or vaporising cannabis. That’s a win-win situation for a lot of different patients.

Medical Cannabis Products for Quick and Convenient Pain Relief

Lozenges made from medical marijuana and marijuana wafers are relatively new goods in Australia, but patients are increasingly becoming interested in them because of their practicality, affordability, and ease of use as Medical Cannabis products. They provide rapid relief for pain and other symptoms, may be used discretely, and are convenient to have on hand anytime you might have a need for them.

Talk to your physician if you believe that edible forms of medical cannabis, such as lozenges or wafers, would be suitable for you. In order to provide you with the necessary respite from your disease, the staff at Chronic Therapy is able to provide you with individualised assistance in the form of advice and suggestions. Make an appointment for a consultation right now to get started.


We know you might be curios to find out more information and discuss medicinal cannabis uses, or where to get legal medicinal cannabis products in Australia, or who is authorised to prescribe medicinal cannabis products to you, and we know lots of people are also worried about the use of medicinal cannabis. For all these, schedule a consultation session today with our experts at Chronic Therapy to get professional advice about any medicinal cannabis product or medicinal use of the product to maximise your benefits from it.

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